The Freedoms of the sky

While your goods are being carried by First-Class-Airlines, URANUS takes care of everything on the ground. Specialists for customs procedures prepare for import clearance at the destination airport and make the necessary arrangements for delivery to the consignee. Contingencies of pre-booked freight capacities to the most important airports world-wide secure on-time shipments even at peak sea Experienced airfreight personnel guarantee professional and comprehensive import-export handling. All this is supported by state-of-the-art information technology.

With our global partner network we can manage any airfreight consignment anywhere in the world – flexibly, fast and efficiently. Knowledge of local market requirements, be it at the other end of the world, gives us that extra edge to avoid obstacles and enable us to be that little tick faster. URANUS and their airfreight service connect the centers of the world for the benefit of their customers