We are a freight forwarding company that helps people import or export their consignments through air, road, or sea across different locations globally.
URANUS has a long-standing history of delivering the best freight forwarding service to loyal clients for a decade and counting. We have connections and agents all over the world to facilitate expert shipping and clearing of freight for our clients.
We know accidents can happen, which may lead to missing consignments. That's why we make sure to carefully mark our shipments so that they can be easily traced. We trace the movement, including every stop the ship or air transport makes, to be sure of its progress. That way, it would be difficult to record missing freight. And even if any of our freights go missing, we have our expert ways of finding a solution.
URANUS offers domestic shipping services. We ship goods for our clients within the shores of a locality and also offer delivery services. Our delivery team is skilled, and they know the routes well enough to safely get your package or goods to their destination.